How to find the

best pram

Check the small details.

Specifications matter. Will your pram fit folded in the boot of your car? Is it light enough for you to carry up the stairs to your flat? Always check the weight and folded dimensions of your pram before you buy it. You don't want to end up with a pram that is too heavy to move around let alone lift up. Remember, it'll be heavier with a toddler in it!

Consider your budget.

We've all done it. Found the pram of our dreams and then seen the price tag. Budget matters. At the end of the day, most prams have the same functionality at both ends of the price spectrum. Some may look better, some may be better, but decide what you're comfortable spending and keep to it as much as possible.

Decide what’s important to you.

If there were one ultimate pram that was without any doubt the best pram, we’d all have it. The reason you see 100 parents with 100 different prams is that there is no right pram for everyone. We all have different needs and different prams. The first thing a prospective parent should do before they start to shop is make a list of what features they want and in what priority.

Look at the total package.

Many retailers will offer different prices but have different packages. We've added quick links to who sells what but the specific details of what's included should be reviewed before you make any decision. Sometimes what seems cheaper may actually come with less. Does it come with a carrycot for example? A rain cover? Etc.

Remember the wider circle.

Remember your support network. If you're the only person who will be using your pram, then the thought stops with you. But if you're hoping your mum will help, for example, make sure the pram isn't too bulky for her to manoeuvre. If you're on your own (don't worry, so many of us are) then have a think about what your child may be comfier in.

Think long term.

Is this your first baby? Will it be your last? A convertible tandem pram will cover your the long run, a carry cot can be re-used, you may end up needing a light weight stroller anyway. Do you fly a lot? You may want something light and easily foldable over something sturdy and pretty.

Pram Features


3 Wheeler

3 Wheeled prams aren't as popular and are definitely rarer to find. Advertised for the mountain mums & the centre-park families but also great for quick manoeuvring around sharp bends!

Adjustable handle bar

You're going to be attached to the handlebar of your pram. There's no getting around it. So if you're a little taller or shorter than average, have any wrist issues, or just like variety. Being able to adjust it is a must.

Big basket

A lot of prams get marketed as having a big basket. We've been a bit stricter on what we give that label. (Often ignoring the manufactures notes). To us, a big basket means you can fit a lot in, and get it out quickly.

Car seat compatible

Also described as a travel system. Car seat compatible just means that your pram can have a car seat attached to it. We wrote a blog about choosing a pram based on this feature.

Converts to Double

Not to be mistaken with a double pram. A convertible tandem is a pram that can literally convert between a single and a double. So you can change as your family grows, or if you have one child with you or more.

Double Pram

A double pram is a pram that can carry two children in one go. Unlike a tandem, double prams usually sit children side by side, though this is not always the case.

Easily foldable

Many prams say they are easily foldable. For us to mark them as such, we've tested them for a one-handed fold. If you can fold your pram with one hand, it's easily foldable!

Extended sun cover

Sun in your eyes? Think how your baby feels. Especially when you are only walking because you're desperate for them to sleep. All prams will come with a, but extended cover gives even more sun protection.

Parent facing option

Advised, but not essential. Parent facing means you can switch your baby around to face you or the world. Typically, parents prefer to have their children face them until they're 6 months old.

Suitable from birth

Not all prams are suitable for newborns. When your baby first arrives into the world, they need to lie completely flat in their pram. Carrycots are famous for this, but you may get a pram with a full recline option as well.

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